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 I have recently found out that there has been rising fan interest to cast Superboy. And, I think this is a great idea as the involvement of Superboy will involve Cadmus more into the series, as they have grown into major interest since spoiling the introduction of the Suicide Squad, when Amanda Waller hired Deadshot and Bronze Tiger. And, I think that CW will have to start thinking about who will be the new threat in Starling City alongside the League of Assassins. Although I have hoped that Laurel Lance will be Black Canary, I don't think that this will happen soon as Sara Lance is part of the League of Assassins and so is her involvement with everything else connected to the League's wrong doings, as the series demands it for continuity.

It seems as the League of Assassins will stop being a threat if something tragic happens to Sara Lance. So, for now until CW hints the reveal of the second Black Canary, the League of Assassins have another season to be completely villainous. Once, the League of Assassin's storyarc is over, hoping no passing of Sara Lance. It, will be interest to witness how CW directs Cadmus as either being completely villainous or operating on both sides for the greater good. 

Hopefully not, however if something does happen to Sara Lance, allowing the League of Assassins and Ra's Al Ghul more screen time; as of an extented fued between Ra's and Oliver. Ra's could decide to control the Cadmus clones of Superboys to destroy Starling City and Oliver will have no choice to inject a healthy version of Mikacuru into his bloodstream to even the playingfield. This, could result in an large scale battle very much alike the mutant battle of; Brotherhood vs the X-Men in the Last Stand ending trilogy and Man of Steel scene; Superman vs Zod x1000. At, this point in the series it would be cool even to witness the discovery of Kryptonite and the creation of Kryptonite arrows, however even then Oliver could develop knock-out gas arrows.  

Another aspect that is great about the series is the Clark and Lois principle relationship-template. Which, I thought was great CW didn't follow; In the first season, Oliver accepted the reality that Laurel moved on and fall in love with Tom and soon after Oliver changed his mind, finding out Laurel also made the same choice. This, back and fourth of a growing relationship was great to witness as in some cases reflects what happens to everyday- people's lives, not just dealing with super-natural and criminal problems. The back of fourth of the growing iconic couple might have lasted too long and finally broke down mid of season 2, which I thought was still great as a balance of story to the series. Oliver's back and fourth actions I believe were not in vain as I think they have taught Thea how to live a better life, falling in love with Roy instead of falling into drug addiction. 

I thought about something yesterday: was it great that Green Arrow was second to Batman? I would say yes it is.It, shows that Oliver is a kind and honest person to idolise a hero before him by taking inspiration from the Bat's gadets, placing an arrow spin. And in terms of fame rate of Green Arrow, the way he is placed in the ranking of DC heroes being always-on-call for the Justice League, always gives him a chance to be the best and for me better than Batman. The, way that CW as set the hero in the DC adapatation Starling City could give Green Arrow the chance of having a bigger role in the Justice League franchise. I might have mentioned this on my fandom document or on the wikia blogs. I, am not sure if their is anymore detail on this question in the blogs, however if want to read the blogs for the possible details please do. 

I saw the latest episode of the Arrow series and I thought other than being great development for the characters; expect Roy as his plot seems to be continous training and battling villains, although it would be great to see another team-up. The, show presented reflection on the characters showing their true colours: Moira still keeps secrets about Tempest and Thea, reflection within the Lance family; Laurel reveals Sara as the bane to her problems. It, was great to know that the Sara and League of Assassin plotarc in this episode wasn't as big as I thought it would be and we all know Ra's is the main villain besides Slade and he should be saved for a cliffhanger or the big-finale-sequeling to the next season. What was additionally great in the episode was a small appearance of the main cast, to intrigue the audience for the later plots; Sebastian's conversation with Oliver and Thea at the candidancy of congressy-who didn't say much, which has got me thinking: will this be leading to her further dealings with Roy's mikacuru-powers and will she join Team Arrow. Her, wanting to join Team Arrow, I don't believe will happen soon as I think she is the main focus of the Tempest plot. 

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I have watched the promo of the next episode of Arrow. The, promo has a special name: New Target, this might refer to Slade wanting to get rid of the Clock King as he is interferring with Slade's plans. What else is really interesting about the promo is its hinting cotinuous developments on Starling City - Queen family secrets and I believe it has something to do with Clock King waiting for the right moment to strike and takeover Starling City; which might link to Edward Fyers' orders on damaging Starling City's economy. And, show further development on the introduction to ARGUS-Cadmus-Amanda Waller, as Clock King could have been a rogue agent. And, Amanda Waller has assembled the Suicide Squad to takedown Clock King, as she doesn't believe Oliver Queen can accomplish the mission. I, say that Amanda Waller knows about Oliver's secret as was mentioned by Deadshot in conversation with John Diggle. I, believe I have mentioned this before, however not the connection to Clock King. What's great about the Tempest plot is it will further tell the stories of the secret family-Moira,Malcolm and Thea. And, hopefully boost popularity of the Father and Daugther since their plot-focus in season 1.     

There are times when its a great idea to re-use plots from earlier on in the season; Arrow CW have not yet concluded the Edward Fyers' mission of damaging Starling City's economy, which could actually be concluded if he was linked to the Glade's destruction. However, that hasn't happened; even then I think the show as excelled in plot by far since its hiatus of season 1. As, I mentioned before if CW does conclude Edward Fyers' mission then great.
The, other plot that CW has left behind brilliantly was, the List; when Oliver joked with  John Diggle saying something along the lines of: "I guess I won't be needing this anymore" referring to the List, which I believe was near the beginning of Season 2 episode 1: City of Heroes. I, am hoping that season 2's Tempest plotarc will use the List, if not then that's okay as Arrow is pretty much the only tv-show that I watch online. Earlier during the day I thought that the List could be re-visited in connection to the survival of Robert Queen as evident of the Green Arrow Outsiders War comic issues. Though, CW Arrow season 2 hasn't hinted the possible return of Oliver's Father, he could be resurrected in season 3 or 4. I, think there has to be a conclusion of Oliver's primary reason being the masked-vigilante-archer, before he fights crime against stronger and bigger foes. 
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I am hoping for the return of Count Vertigo and hoping that there is still a balance of Starling City's ordinary life problems and the continous villainy acts. What, would be a great idea i think, is if Rewire from the Batman Beyond comic series enters the present day in Starling City via Bruce Wayne's time-travel machine; in order to eliminate the existence of Batman. However, there was a malfunction with Rewire's stolen time-travel device. Rewire, doesn't believe the Starling City communities' truth: there is no Bruce Wayne and continues to terrorise Starling City till Batman shows up, leaving Green Arrow to stop the power hungry electrical generator. I believe I have tweeted about: should Rewire appear in Arrow, however if not then it is most likely in the document.

Another character being the daughter of the ulimate villain: Trigon is Raven also known as Rachel Roth;

Raven 004

who could be a cast-away character seekiing redemption and finds a mother-figure on the series through Sara Lance. With, Raven on the show coul add another supernatural aspect far more greater than Brother-Blood. The story that Raven would serve couldn't be part of the main plot unless her father;Trigon is wanting to punish Ra's Al Ghul for is lasting life and Raven is in Starling City to warn Sara, as in some way Sara is an extented-family of the Ghuls. So this feature of Raven would probably be near the end of one of Arrow's later seasons. 

If CW doesn't decide to feature Raven. Then they could feature Trigon's myth and the sons of Trigon. Where, the Arrow Team can battle actual demons not just assassins. I am not quite sure if the sons of Trigon is an actual comic issue even involving Green Arrow, however the DC Online Universe game features Wonder Woman and her Team; so by far extension the Justice League and Green Arrow could be involved, if taking in account that DC produce a sons of Trigon story in New 52 involving Green Arrow; allowing sensiblity for CW Arrow to use the story. However, CW Arrow as issued there own comic series, so making it quite possible to produce stories, which didn't intially involve Green Arrow, allowing CW Arrow to go ahead with a sons of Trigon spinoff without the consent of DC and DC's New 52. 

Cyrus Gold (Arrow) 001

Graham Shiels as Solomon Grundy/Cyrus Gold

Roughly mentioned in my document of fandom; like Amazo, Solomon Grundy or Cyrus Gold is seemingly left for dead. And, it looks like because CW Arrow have taken the undead mobster away from the Batman universe, DC have decided to make use of their own version of Frankenstein's Monster: Frankenstien. This, is cool as DC fans will have two undead reformed heroes to choose from whenever in a imaginary versus discussion; who would win? and quite possibly their could be a game or series spin-off of Solomon Grundy vs Frankenstein. And, would be cool if CW takes that challenge; as they did with Flash because they have already set a great base for Cyrus Gold's origins intertwined with Brother-Blood.I have linked the undead characters to Amazo as in CW Arrow there hasn't been any sign of the Android or undead mobster; like Edward Fyers-plot I am hoping to witness the return of both Amazo and Solomon Grundy, as none of them die in the DC universe. They, are two very powerful characters that can take and throw punches against Superman.

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Something that I mentioned on Twitter that could happen on Arrow CW, I believe; is all the victims of the mirakuru infected are Frankensteined into a Monster as powerful as Doomsday. It would be quite interesting if Roy becomes one of the victims then is saved again by -

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Frankenstien vs Batman

Green Arrow and Team Arrow, as a throwback to his debut. And, as an extension this could lead into the messenger of Raven to warn Starling City of Trigon's invasion and Mirakuru-Doomsday to  be the first or last wave of the Destruction of the world. 

It was official released that the Suicide Squad will be part of Arrow; with a rooster of Sharpnel, Amanda Waller, Bronze Tiger, Deadshot, Lyla Michaels and John Diggle. 

Whats interesting is there is a possibly that Suicide Squad could be CW's next project after Flash. Something else that I thought was interesting is how the Suicide Squad was formed; how did Diggle enter the team and how will Team Arrow react? Will there be friendly competition between ARGUS-Suicide Squad and Team Arrow, will Amanda Waller have trouble trying to keep the team together as they are all villains trying to get there own way-expect for the full-time members of ARGUS and Diggle.

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There are two factors from the Arrow TV series and the comics that I noticed; Bronze Tiger's hint of retribution and Diggle's line in the comics when he was induced with Vertigo; " Yeah..its not the flu, Felicity, Its more like..."-panel: has Diggle collapsed. This scene in the panel of the comic could lead to the pilot of Suicide Squad investigating the Vertigo drug trade and could lead to the return of Count Vertigo. If Count Vertigo returns then it seems there will be crossovers with Arrow, like Flash debutted in Arrow. On the topic about Diggle knowing about the effects of Vertigo in the comics, could just be a tease of the Arrow series or leading to something else entire; I haven't read the  Arrow comics so I could be entirely wrong about hints to episodes, however still would be cool if panels from the Arrow comics led to forecoming episodes of CW's DC series.

Part two of what I enjoyed and what I noticed about the 14th episode of Arrow's season 2, is on the Arrow's Arsenal page. The episode I thought made it interesting to question is why did Clock King go to the extremes, to finding a cure for his sister's terminal illness; later episodes could explain that it is a prototype virus of Mirakuru or even the Vertigo drug, as the appearance of Kord Industries hints a possible black-market. This terminal virus could have something to do with the ancient scarab- Blue Beetle power or even something ARGUS is investigating- the something that Diggle experienced in Afghanistan. Although the title of this episode was a bit crude, I'd thought it fit the timing of the story as it seems to exemplifies the reality of the series permanent situational shift; this would include Team Arrow mentioned in Arrow's Arsenal page, Sin's history and Oliver's choice of falling in love with Sara instead of Laurel; this makes sense as in the comics this is what happens and gives the chance for Laurel to develop or invertly develop if again something happens to Sara. There was a Lance dinner scene that didn't just reveal to more characters of Oliver's and Sara's relationship, however ex-wife of Quentin; Dinah of her someone in Central City, although this has crushed the hopes of Quentin's return to his ex-wife; it has opened the opportunity of a CW crossover of the Arrow cast; possibly Quentin working in Central City with the Flash and the Arrow Team. Slade has finally confronted the Queen's CEO after roughly 6 years, as though not much to mentioned-however a great season 2's 14th episode ending and lead-up to season 2's 15th episode. I think Arrow is one of CW's strongest shows on television.    

I watched Arrow’s season 2 episode 16 Suicide Squad and I think that the episode was quite different as it left the Arrow central storyline behind and focused more on the weak yet significant love triangle of Oliver, Sara and Laurel; with Shado seen from a projector screen, as a little throwback to the past and sets the developing plot of the episode and: possibly it’s finale to inform the audience that Slade still despises Oliver over choosing Sara’s life over Shado. My prediction on the possibility that Slade has control over the criminal operations in Starling City similar to Malcolm Merlyn or has even taken his place might be correct, as the Leader of the Bratva was assassinated by Slade himself: this shows that the Bratva could have connected to Slade and its seems as if Slade has kept an eye on Oliver since his return to Starling City and has kept his promise: waiting for the right moment to strike as Slade wanted Oliver’s problems to accumulate.

What is really cool about this episode and the potential it develops for later episodes is great, as Amanda Waller, ARGUS and possibly soon Cadmus; knows about Oliver’s secret, though there hasn’t been any episode which shows when Amanda Waller was informed about Oliver’s alter ego, although this could set up how Oliver knew there was going to be a Chinese fishing boat docking at Lian Yu; indicating that ARGUS’s operations covered not just Afghanistan, however Lian Yu as well: giving the possible reveal of when ARGUS assisted Oliver’s rescue. It seems like CW wanted to convoy that Amanda Waller is just as smart as Batman: having her deduce that Oliver is Green Arrow, similar to how Felicity developing into an Oracle like character deduced that Moira was and still is connected to a shadow banking operation called Tempest.

CW choice on telling the audience that Amanda Waller knows about Oliver’s alter ego without any reveal in past episodes could indicate a full conclusion to Oliver’s and Slade feud, in addition to filling in the connection of Edward Fyers: with the possibility that he was an uncover ARGUS or Cadmus agent as a terrorist for the Chinese, in order to bust their drug operations: if this is true then CW might have written episodes to reveal how the Chinese Triad and China White got involved, it would be interesting if CW wrote episodes with their dealings with Stagg Industries resulting in the Toxic dumping at the Glades. It might have happened that the Chinese Triad and China White were once targets of ARGUS; however Amanda Waller saw them as a potential threat to the point, where she needed a team of specialists. So, she decided to let Oliver deal with them until she assembled her team and what you watch the Suicide Squad go through in episode 16 is a trail.  If this possible plot reasoning is correct, I could be right about Amanda Waller not trusting Oliver’s skills as being the vigilante of Starling City: this being an eventually reason or a more accurate reason to the creation of the Suicide Squad.

Aside from Oliver’s place in the episode and the Bravta Leader being assassinated, the interactions of the members of the Suicide Squad were interesting; I think they shouldn’t have killed off Shrapnel, as his character development could have been an interesting subplot to later episodes that featured the Suicide Squad. It was a different experience watching John being the focal protagonist of the episode instead of Green Arrow, though the episode worked well, this proved to me that the Suicide Squad with ARGUS and possibly Cadmus could be a complete series, If the Suicide Squad isn’t going to be a full series; then at least CW could make a mini-series of the Suicide Squad within the universe of Arrow

I just finished watching the Birds of Prey episode of Arrow, episode 17 season 2 and I thought it was a great episode with great continuous stylistic filming from the previous episode; what’s interest with this stylistic filming is usually it follows through with a sequel of the plot from the previous episode, though in this case it was used for two separate plots: which again I thought was great. What was also great though specifically of the story is that Roy joined Arrow and Black Canary and you get to see him use his powers with more control, I was close with my prediction that Thea’s involvement with Team Arrow is still trying to uncover what is going on with Roy and as a result Roy broke Thea’s heart and this temporary ending of their relationship I didn’t predict; it was interesting that Roy was only able to control his powers when thinking of the person he loves: this was very much like a Hulk Betty Ross complex, though it did fit nicely between their dilemma.

It was nice to see Huntress back and her conflict with Black Canary, they were almost equals though of different sides of the coin; though what was great storytelling for me is because; Laurel Lance in the comics is the true Black Canary, the writers made it so that she and Helena were alike: as they both lost the men they loved. What was also interesting hints for later development of the plotarc is that the leader of the SWAT team that was in charge of stopping the Huntress and retrieving Frank Bertinelli alive had uncanny training: seems to me he was trained by a division of ARGUS like the Suicide Squad; though he could be a member of Slade’s team as Frank Bertinelli might have had dealings with him and Slade wanted to tie loose ends: this is actually hinted to be a more than a possible detail within the plotarc as Adam Donner was revealed to have hired Laurel Lance as a cover up for the assassination of Frank Bertinelli and Huntress was a minor factor to have place Slade’s chances in his favour. It was cool to see the Arrow Team grow and find that Roy was becoming more of a member of the Team, as of Oliver’s conversation with him; though this hinted to me that John was going to be replaced, though there is still ARGUS and John’s relationship with Lyla to further his place in the Arrow universe

Episode 18 season 2 Arrow review:

After watching the episode and the Producer’s preview of this episode and after I heard that it will be filmed as if a season finale episode, I wasn’t expecting the greatness that the episode produced. I noticed because the series at this point as lost its flashback support the hints for developing plots became more powerful and better and CW have made Slade a more traditional superior villain than Batman’s Joker throughout his franchise.

Oliver’s and Isabel’s fight scene was a great sequence to witness as I don’t think that anyone was expecting it’s amazing stunt work and I didn’t think that Isabel Rochev would match against Oliver’s superior fighting skills. To, further the stunt work appraisal CW hired a great stunt team to assist Oliver’s fight against Slade’s thugs with greatness: the tactic of using the arrows as a knife to slash at enemies was a great development in Arrow’s fight techniques and the development of placing a snake venom capsule on Arrow’s arrow was great as well. It was cool to witness how Slade was aiding the plot of the episode along as he told Oliver’s secrets and I think the way CW has written Slade’s reveal of Oliver’s secrets is very smart; from the writing I and probably you can tell that Slade respects Oliver as an adversary: he purposely didn’t tell Thea that Oliver is the Arrow, though told her a secret that no one would expect he knew, who her father is; this moment in the plot hints that Malcolm Merlyn could be involved and the thing is why wouldn’t he: if he love’s Moira then surely he is upset with Slade having kidnapped his daughter. This unexpected secret also reveals that Slade has done his work; it seems he has control over ¾’s of Starling City’s operations, with the assist of Isabel Rochev taking control over Queen Consolidated and having Sebastian Blood campaigning for Congressman of Staring City. And, with the knowing that Isabel Rochev has made it known why she is on the List, it could be a hint to reveal one of Green Arrow’s villains: Komodo. I think its brilliant how CW have written If Queen Consolidated is involved and if they have the votes, then they rule and they seem to be the acting government of the Starling City universe.

With the reference of the KGB, this could be a hint for further Cadmus plots and explanations to Slade’s connections to the Bratva; his connection to the Bratva could explain the secret to why the Bratva leader was interested in the UNIDAC earthquake machine: he was dealing with Slade and Bronze Tiger was hired, as Cadmus wanted to keep tabs on Slade. It’s quite interesting that it seems the Amazo freighter consisted of Russian government or Bratva associates, as it could lead to season 3 and 4 subplots, I didn’t know this till the episode made it obvious.  It’s interesting as well and I thought it was a great option in the writing to take, were Slade reveals Oliver’s alter ego to Laurel; as the act “Oliver’s alter ego reveal to Laurel” was a very sensitive subject from season 1 and the reason why CW’s writers have written this reveal in this way, has made the vendetta between Slade and Oliver more personal. This explains why Oliver wasn’t enraged as the direction for the character to keep his cool was the better choice to support the plot of his sister’s kidnapping, to not just prove Slade’s point though prove a universal hero vs villain point that the villains do what they want and will do anything to get what they want.

Roy’s place in the series has developed greatly being drawing more attention to himself and blaming or placing responsibility on his mentor, as most young adults do and in many ways he is right to blame Oliver for all the trouble that has happened in Starling City; if Oliver didn’t give Dr. Ivo the opportunity to kill Shado then Slade wouldn’t be upset, if Oliver didn’t turn to vigilantism then no one would have got seriously hurt; Oliver would have still defended himself as he did, when the masked Russian thug associates attacked him to retrieve the List and at that point in the series Tommy had some level of fighting skill to defend himself, as his father was part of the League of Assassins resulting in Tommy having minor training from his father; it would be cool to watch a flashback episode of where Tommy was trained by his father.

The pacing of this episode was very interesting as it contrasted the pacing of the last two episodes and it was interesting that CW deliberately wrote an complete anti climax cliffhanger; as from the previous episode Oliver asked assistance from Amanda Waller to takedown Slade, though as evident from the latest episode: no help from Cadmus was given, expect John, this cliffhanger could have developed in the CW Arrow comics, though if not and develops in both mediums or just the TV series, then CW will be planting that Slade will survive and will go down with a fight: it would be cool to see the Flash assists Team Arrow’s fight against Slade or Roy when he loses control in the episode Seeing Red. 

Besides noticing the seeming intentional anti climax, Black Canary: I thought was a less used character, which isn’t a totally loss to highlight her Black Canary focal plot in Birds of Prey. Overall ending statement of the episode: great develop in plot and pacing, I think it’s great CW have experimented with the pacing throughout the series to produce an all rounded series and Green Arrow universe

Review of episode 19 of Arrow’s season 2

I saw the episode Man Under the Hood episode 19 or Arrow’s season 2 and I thought that the episode was a great episode to develop to the finale confrontation of Oliver’s and Slade’s feud. The episode was also great to develop possible plotarcs to continue the Arrow’s story after Slade is defeated being the rise of Ravager, Slade has injected his own blood into Isabel to save her from a fatal shot from John; who seems to be the only source of help that Cadmus or ARGUS has given to aid Team Arrow’s fight against Slade and his Mirakuru soldiers, which I thought was going to be led by Brother Blood: as he wasn’t seen in the episode, though he might make an appearance in Seeing Red to lead the fight against ARGUS and Team Arrow, leaving Oliver and Slade in an solo fight. The episode made great uses of flashback scenes not only from distance episodes, though from previous scenes within the current episode, which I believe has been use effectively within the series, I hope CW doesn’t overuse this technique in later episodes. I thought that it was cool how there was no development in Roy’s kidnapping to transfuse his blood to Slade’s Mirakuru army and it seems interesting that it was made coincidental that Roy’s blood type was the same as Slade’s or the same as the convicts that were persuaded to join Slade’s renegade on Starling City.

The developing plot of the Queen family trying to win back their company from Isabel Rochev was interesting as well; having Oliver trying to convince Thea that she needs to signs papers to possibly proceed the selection process of who will be the new CEO of Queen Consolidated, to possibly convince the Board of Directors that the company can be safe in the care of the Queen family. Thea or Moira could be selected as the CEO, though Moira is applying for congresswoman of Starling City. Oliver wouldn’t be selected I don’t think as he is too distracted by his duty of being the Arrow. A great development base line that the writers have made was the introduction of Star Lab’s employees who become Killer Frost and Vibe in CW’s Flash series, to further the stablise the growing merger of the Arrow and Flash universe.

I think overall that this episode was a great in many respects to the revelation of all the heroes and villains of the Arrow universe

Review Arrow’s season 2 Seeing Red episode 20

CW has been very innovative with their showcase of the Starling City’s plotarc from the medium of a camera: by not showing the complete connective sequences of the stories, which I hope they don’t over use:

·         Why did it seem that Oliver and Sara discontinued their search for Roy when he went rogue, it was obvious that Oliver was injured, though Sara could have called in John to take Oliver back to the Arrowcave: I’m not saying that this detail within the plot was badly written, above could have been an alternative sequence. The final sequence was actually smartly written and filmed as I think; having Oliver and Sara giving up the search, implies that Mirakuru is a force to be reckon with and that it has afflicted uncertainty upon Team Arrow.

·         Thea has signed Authority papers to proceed the takingback of Queen Consolidated. I think that CW wanted to keep the audience on tension when the plot focused on Thea: Why is she not helping her family? I think the answer is and what CW intended to imply is she is going to be a major character that the developing stories of Arrow will focus on and in any great stories; comic or not there are always mistakes made: Thea has been acting ignorant to emphasis on her mother’s end; Thea is the next target according to Slade and she is an important pupil to Malcolm Merlyn.

What I thought was unnecessary though understandable was the passing of Moira Queen, as it seemed that Oliver needed to be placed on a Batman’s path to win DC fans over. I didn’t think it was necessary, though if the actress wanted to leave the production then that’s understandable. It would be interesting though if CW has done this to boost the appeal of Moira Queen because she has been seen as a villainess character for most of the series; Ra’s Al Ghul could bargain the return of Robert and Moira Queen with the use of a chemical mixture of Mirakuru and the Lazarus Pit to resurrect the dead.

One of the best scenes in the episode was the reveal that Moira knew about her son’s secret; what was great about the reveal is Oliver didn’t have to say “I am the Arrow” in a Batman homage style.

Oliver is physical damaged and mental stunned by his choice with selecting Roy as a prodigy and Sara leaving Team Arrow. The Black Canary leaving Team Arrow to possibly go back to Ra’s Al Ghul and/or Nyssa and the League of Assassins I think is a great development to Sara’s story as her actions could set the main plotarc for season 3. It would be interesting if Dr. Ivo was resurrected by the mixture of Mirakuru and the Lazarus Pit to create his greatest piece of stamp on history: Amazo.

What was also great about the episode was the feature of an unknown female character who was the woman of Oliver’s life inbetween Laurel and Sara; Sandra Moonday: who Oliver impregnated and in Arrow Moira gave money to Sandra to have an abortion, Sandra took the money instead to stabilise her life and raise her child for a while as it seems till he would grow up to be the second Green Arrow: Connor Hawke: in the comics he was given up by Sandra to monks, though this situation might not happen in Arrow and it seems that Sandra Moonday will return to Arrow in season 3 with an 11.5 year old Conner Moonday/Hawke. It would be cool to see Connor Hawke grow up within the series like David Mazouz as Bruce Wayne in Fox’s Gotham series.

Overall, even though the episode could be seen too tragic to certain viewers depending on their opinion on Moira Queen’s passing, the plot as hinted great developments that could surplus any Arrow climatic story 

Review Arrow’s season 2 City of Blood episode 21

City of Blood seemed to be a great episode for a number of reasons; the episode has shown the results of every characters development that have made a complete recurring appearance in the series; the characters who completely fit this category are Laurel Lance and Sebastian Blood. Laurel has shown to Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow that she knows about Oliver’s secret and this might be the first step for Laurel Lance to becoming the Black Canary, Laurel could end up being the Black Canary after her sister or they both share the mantle. It would be interesting to watch what the writers have developed for Oliver and Laurel after they both are on the same page, as the characters have shared very intimate and interesting history throughout season 1 and parts of season 2.

The audience finds out that Slade Wilson is the adopted father of Sebastian Blood and it could be that this family chemistry could be lasting for a couple of seasons, as when one of them makes an exit of the series then the one who stays will father Grant Wilson the second Ravager.

What’s also great in this episode is CW has featured ARGUS again and it seems like the character organisation will be continuously used as a series plot breaker and to continue John’s story along with the Suicide Squad. Cadmus has also served as Arrow’s arsenal and facility supplier and the collaboration between Oliver and Amanda to me shown Oliver’s intelligence and resourcefulness, as the episode implies intentionally or accidentally that Oliver figured that at some point the first Arrowcave was going to be compromised: resulting in Slade’s infiltration and he asked ARGUS to offer him a secondary hideout; sure DC fans might start thinking that Oliver isn’t being intelligent for using one of Batman’s resources, however I think that ARGUS and Cadmus have become a universal character organisation for any DC character universe to use.

It was cool to see Brother Blood’s army of Mirakuru soldiers and it was interesting that they were able to control their insanity outburst, an explanation that could be valid is that Roy’s blood wasn’t just transfused; as of a pre transfusion of Slade’s blood into Roy’s system, the blood mixture reduced the insanity side effects because of an exothermic reaction. This double dosage of Mirakuru could explain why Roy went rogue in Seeing Red. Reasoning to why Slade didn’t transfuse his own blood directly to the Mirakuru soldiers is because he would have lost the Mirakuru chemical that kept him alive.

It was cool to see Arrow fight multiple Mirakuru infected as supposed from only fighting them one on one; Solomon Grundy, Slade and Roy.

Overall I think the episode was a great semi finale to season 2

Review Arrow’s season 2 Streets of Fire episode 22

I thought that this episode was again one of the greater episodes that expressed development of the plotarc of the series and concluded the start of all character confrontations well. The best sequence of the episode was the conflict between Sebastian and Isabel, I didn’t think that he would die, like my other theories it might be best that he comes back to the series with the injection of Mirakuru. And, I might be wrong that Sara went to the League of Assassins for assistance on the battle with Slade, looks like Nyssa has heard of Canary’s problem with Slade and has arrived to Starling City with Assassins; giving you the result seen in the promo of Team Arrow and Assassins readying themselves to battle Mirakuru soldiers. The sequences between Malcolm and Thea I thought was great to, the battle between the Mirakuru solider and Malcolm excelled that greatness as it shows and hints that trained assassins can go up against super soldiers. It’s interesting that Black Canary has lost battles against the Mirakuru infected, with this I don’t think that you can say she is one of the weakest assassins, as she did kill the Doll Maker and assassins who wanted to take her back to Ra’s Al Ghul to bring her back to his daughter.

The one thing that I didn’t think was right was killing off Sebastian Blood, because him being a reformed hero and becoming congressman of Starling City would have been a great New 52 move for the show, as to not just ground the character of Green Arrow in a cinematic universe, though ground the whole comic/cinematic universe of Green Arrow further to a more acceptable level; sure that this has been done from the start of season 1, though making the choice of having Sebastian Blood being a reformed hero would have sealed the deal in pleasing the fans and new fans of the DC universe.

Another great sequence is the one man invasion of a Mirakuru follower, as it gave Quentin Lance screen time being like James Gordon, which earned him the chance of being Detective again; I think that CW have played Paul Blackthorne’s timing as being the heroic cop Quentin Lance well; showing audience the family and father side of the character for majority of the second season then near the end of the season with heroic deeds to balance his appeal, in many ways I think that he is better than James Gordon; however with the Gotham series arriving soon you might disagree, with this in mind: wouldn’t it be cool to have a Quentin Lance centric series forcing on his past duties as a cop dealing with people likethe Doll Maker and the corporate espionage of Queen Consolidate before Oliver was born and possibly again introducing ARGUS with Quentin Lance’s blind understand that they were orchestrating his survival and his demise.

Overall I think the episode has been great, opening further developments for future episodes of new seasons of Arrow and a new series like my previous thought of a Suicide Squad series. Can’t wait to watch the season finale

Review Arrow’s season 2 Unthinkable episode 23

The episode was a great conclusion to season 2 with a sense of a happy ending, which I thought and still think was a great direction to end the season, as it also gave a sense of the phrase; it’s not over yet, making it seem like Slade will return without his powers and John Barrowman as Malcolm Merlyn has returned as a regular cast member of the series, to probably further his plans of world domination and training Thea to do the same as she has joined her biological father’s side. With, the idea that Malcolm and Thea will work together, expands on the concept that was earlier introduce in the series; Tempest and it seems like Tempest will either be the concept that will replace “the List” or both concepts will be used to aid the plotarc in season 3.

The possible detail to the plot of season 3 could be the Triad, Bratva Merlyn Global Group, Queen Consolidated, Kord Industries, UNIDAC Industries and quite possibly ARGUS have been profiting from the Tempest and the List. Or, it could be that ARGUS proceeded with the Tempest in order to provide physical and proper advice that all organisation mentioned above were rightly accused of the charges placed forward of their crimes witnessed in season 1, 2, 3 and possibly 4.

It might be that Malcolm Merlyn has noticed that ARGUS has been watching him and has tricked Thea in order to get Oliver Queen and Team Arrow to takedown ARGUS; this scenario might not just be a Malcolm Merlyn centric subplot of season 3, it might have something to do with the League of Assassins who believe that ARGUS is the controlling power of Starling City and Central so far, which brings their ultimate goal to taking over ARGUS to control the whole of the DC universe that is branching out from CW’s Arrow.

The basis foundation for the development of the possible season 3 plot mentioned above could be hinted by Sara Lance making a deal with Ra’s Al Ghul; if the League of Assassins aid in the defeat of Slade and his Mirakuru army, Sara must return to the League of Assassins. What is also great about the goodbye sequence of Sara Lance is it hints: with the giveaway of Sara’s jacket to her sister that Laurel Lance could most likely be the Black Canary in season 3, or as to reference what I mentioned before there would be two Black Canaries, which I would say is awesome, as it might seem that the concept of Birds of Prey is developing further. At the end of this sequence Quentin Lance seemed to be fatal injured from his battle with a Mirakuru soldier, this could be the start of the continuation of the Mirakuru concept that hasn’t been trashed by CW to lead to the resurrection of Solomon Grundy: Cyrus Gold and the subplot that would detail Slade’s return to seeking more Mirakuru to continue his war wage against Oliver not for the reason of losing Shado, only because Oliver beat him. It would also be interesting to find out if CW have decided to write that Starling City medical sector have found a way to harness Mirakuru for medical uses, this subplot could be possible as possible hints could be; in season 1 China White and Bronze Tiger raided Medical vans and in season 2 Cyrus Gold hjacked a Medical van containing O negative blood to aid the process of the Mirakuru transfusion.  

The final battle sequence was unique, as CW made it a mashup of Slade’s and Oliver’s past and present battle to place a visual stamp of the start and end of their 6 years acquaintanceship

CW have made Slade’s battle plan interesting as from the start of Slade’s and Oliver feud; it was all about taking everything from Oliver’s life and it wasn’t till near the end of the finale that the audience finds out that Oliver’s everything wasn’t his life, though Felicity. CW also made great writing to showcase Oliver’s increasing intelligence: knowing that Slade was watching his every move in the Queen Mansion, Oliver fooled Slade to leading to Slade’s demise by having Felicity inject the Neurotoxin to rid of his Mirakuru powers.

 I think the sequence of Slade’s Battle plan also demonstrated great character development for Oliver, because at the start of the series and in the comics he always had commitment issues; which in many ways isn’t a very heroic trait, so as a very great New 52 move CW has made Oliver into a one lady’s man as to balance his heroic duties, this I believe will win the Green Arrow universe votes.

I thought that for season 2 CW were going to keep their adapted Ravager Isabel Rochev portrayed by Summer Glau, to maintain the bloodline of the Deathstrokes, even though Isabel Rochev isn’t the biological daughter of Slade.

Looks as if CW has decided to kind of redo season 1’s plotarc though build upon the “undertaking” of the World through extended family and family, which I think is a great film making direction. CW Arrow have made a habit and I think an interesting one of killing off characters that could have played a vital part in the development of the show and the universe of Green Arrow. With, this I have alot of faith in CW with their daring direction of the Green Arrow universe to maintain the interest of their fans and audience.

Overall I think this episode even though seemingly anti climatic was still a great ending to season 2